The Grounds of the Great Commission


  1. Christ’s auhtority is the cause and grounds for missions 28:18
  2. We have a part to do in making disciples. Take note that ‘make disciples’ is in the active voice 28:19a
  3. We do this by:
    • Baptism – publicly being identified as Christ’s disciples.
    • Teaching them Christ’s commandments, for their growth into Christ likeness.
  4. And as a result we remember and behold that Christ is with us.

The Grounds of the Great Commision

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Quits Sabio
Founder and President of Reformed Exegetes Society. Serving as an elder and sunday school teacher at Sovereign Mercy Evangelical Church Inc. at Caloocan Metro Manila Philippines. Quits is currently working as a Senior Lead Game Developer at Funguystudio(A Game Development studio at Makati Philippines). He is a musician playing various styles and genres(jazz,blues,classical,rock). A husband to Malou and a father to Amara.
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