Sovereign and Righteous God

Romans 9:14-18

Main point summary:

Is there injustice with God in unconditional election? No Because election shows the glory of God.


God’s righteousness is never dependent on our finite view of righteousness. He doesn’t have a book that will guide Him on how to be a righteous God. He is not constrained by anything or anyone except Himself.We don’t get to define what God can and cannot do! -@enriquetosabio He is already righteous even before the foundation of the world. He didn’t become righteous by protecting or upholding human freewill because we’re not even created yet. He is already a loving God even before saving us. God was and is angry with sin even before the fall of the angels and man. Our righteousness must not be the standard by which we determine God’s righteousness. Only God can define his righteousness, and that is through his word. We don’t get to define what God can and cannot do!

Sovereign and Righteous God
Study Notes:

Paul gave the ground or reason as to why he can say that there is no injustice with God in unconditionally electing individuals before they’ve done anything good or bad. Exodus 33:19 and Exodus 9:16 shows God’sSince God is righteous, God must elect according to his own freedom. -@enriquetosabio unwavering allegiance to himself or God’s intent of proclaiming his name or his glory, and Paul used that as an argument to support his assertion that there is no injustice or unrighteousness with God. Since God is righteous, God must elect according to his own freedom. In other words, if God is not free in electing whomever he wills, he is not upholding his glory, hence he will be unrighteous. Why? Because the very essence of sin is the falling short of the glory of God(Romans 3:23) and exchanging the glory of God(Romans 1:23). Therefore, if God is not free in election, then He exchange His own glory, and then it would be God’s own undoing. Therefore God must be free!

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