Preeminence of Christ

1. In Creation(v.15 – 17)

* Image – in greek it is where the english word “icon” came from. Image of the invisible God means when you see Christ, you see God the Father

*Firstborn denotes preeminence or rank rather than order in creation.

Paul supports his claims in v.16 – 17

  • All things were created by him, through him and for him(v.16)
  • He predates all things (17a)
  • In him all things holds together(17b)

2. In Redemption(v.18 -20)

His preeminence in everything is the necessary consequence of the following.

  • His headship in the church
  • Being the beginning
  • His resurrection
  • All of this is possible because he is deity
  • Therefore he is able to reconcile to himself all things through his atoning sacrifice at the cross.



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Quits Sabio
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