God is the Source, the Means and the End

Main point summary:

The depth of God is the foundation of the height and glory of God



The foundation of the glory of God

1. The Depth(v.33)

  • Of his riches implies the greatness of God’s wealth(33a)
  • Of his wisdom implies the inscrutability of the judgments and ways of God(33b,33d-33e)
  • Of his knowledge implies that God’s knowledge is all inclusive(33c)

2. The Bottom and Top(v.34-36c)

  • God is the source (36a)
  • God is the means (36b)
  • God is end (36c)

3. The Glory of God(v. 36)

  • God’s glory is the goal of all creation
  • God’s glory is the goal of redemption
  • God’s glory is the goal of God




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