Where Were We?

Have you experienced having a heated conversation with someone about something and in the process of giving some arguments you found yourself lost in the details and forgot that you’re making a point? It’s just like that in the bible. The author’s arguments may span a couple of verses or even few chapters and an argument can have several supporting arguments, and because of that, sometimes it’s hard to ascertain which clauses and conjunctions are logically connected. You’re lost as it were in the forest.

Basics of Sentence Diagramming

There are three exegetical tools that every aspiring expositors must have in their toolset in order to properly interpret the scriptures. 1) Sentence Diagramming, 2) Phrasing, 3) Arcing or Bracketing. Sentence Diagramming deals with the grammatical or syntactical construction of a passage, while Arcing or Bracketing is useful in determining the flow of thought and main point of the author. Phrasing is kind of in between the two, it deals with some grammar(i.e. phrases, conjunctions etc.) and logical relationships. In this article we will learn the basics of sentence diagramming.